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    bearing series

    Single row cylindrical roller bearings

  • Single row cylindrical roller bearings
    Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings, they contain the maximum number of rollers, and therefore suitable for very heavy radial loads. However, these bearings can not be like with cage cylindrical roller bearings, as high-speed operation. Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings have four designs, including three open design and a sealed design. All the bearings are non-separation type, and the outer ring with an annular groove and three lubrication holes, convenient and effective lubrication.
    NNCL type
    NNCL design of the bearing with three ribs of the inner ring and an outer ring without ribs. The outer ring of the center is located in the snap ring roller between the two, in order to all of the fixed bearing parts. In two directions, the axial displacement of the shaft relative to the bearing seat can be adjusted within the bearing. Therefore, these bearings are suitable for non-locating bearing position.
    NNCF type
    Bearing inner ring on NNCF design there are three ribs on the outer ring has a wall, so that the bearing axis provided in one direction of axial positioning. There are to install a snap ring inserted into the outer ring wall of the opposite side, play the role of the fixed part.
    NNC type
    NNC design bearings with NNCL and NNCF bearing inner ring. The outer ring is split locate parts to fix, can not bear the axial load. The two parts of the outer ring is exactly the same, with a wall, so that the bearing can be axially positioned on the shaft in both directions.
    NNF type
    NNF design bearings are always sealed on both sides and filled grease. The inner ring of the two-component three ribs, with snap ring fixed. The outer one in the ribs. These bearings can be used for the axial positioning of the shaft in both directions. Due to the distance between the two rows of roller bearings can withstand the tilting moments. Bearing this design is often used for crane pulley, detailed technical parameters, see "pulley with a full complement cylindrical roller bearings size table.

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