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    coal mining machine

    LMG950 unroofed continuous mining equipment

  • Main feature
    1、Uses four column supports, absorbed has piled up the type support support strength to be big, the support ability strong merit, simultaneously used the vertical guide-bar mechanism to withstand the exterior horizontal force to overcome has piled up the type support´s shortcoming.
    2、Before the top-beam, the vertex path is a line which is parallel with the guide rod movement middle line, the set cap spatial zenith distance may be smaller.
    3、Uses the hinge stabilizing bar structure, this structure fills the region to meet goes against the effect to be good, improved the stabilizing bar working condition effectively;
    4、Makes the retaining wall using the hinge back plate, may guarantee that fills the region personnel to come in and go out unimpeded.
    5、This frame uses the two row humanity structure, has the enough well ventilated cross section and the pedestrian space, effective guarantee coal mine safety production.

    6、This support overall stability is good, the backfill effect is good, the structure is simpler, the size is more compact, the weight is lighter.

    Main parameter
    1、Support  Type: Straight wall type four column support backfill hydraulic support
    2、Height Range:                    1920~2900mm
    3、support  Width:                          1430~1600mm
    4、support  Center distance:          1500mm
    5、SupportDensitY:                          0.36MPa
    6、Base pressure l:        0.55~0.87MPa
    7、Setting load of support:(P=31.4MPa)            3196kN
    8、YieldLoad:(P=39.3MPa)          4000kN
    9、Operating mode:   this frame
    10、Pumping pressure:                          31.4MPa
    11、 Support weight:                          16630kg

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