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    coal mining machine

    MG300/711-WD AC Electric Haulage Shearer

  • Main feature
    1、All electrical machinery crosswise load in each independent engine case, various parts have the independence power supply, between various major assemblies incapable transmission, fault point, oil leak reduction, maintains, the service to be convenient.
    2、The fuselage is composed of four sections, uses the hydraulic pressure to pull the bar and the high strength bolt, the hydraulic nut joint is a rigid whole, the bottomless bracket, increased the coal space altitude.
    3、The hydraulic element uses the mature reliable pile-up valve block to install on the hydraulic tank, the system is simple, the pipeline are few, the reliability is high.
    4、Uses sells the axle type non-chain hauling system, the hauling department with walks the box is two independent box bodies, walks the box to use the bulge set and the hauling department cabinet joint, the support skid shoe connection mode for the chute type structure, convenient and the different width´s face conveyor necessary, the applicable scope is broad.
    5、the hauling electricity dragging uses tows one, namely drives two pulling motors separately by two frequency changers, the technology is in the lead.
    6、The electrical dragging system has four limits the movement likely ability, the coal mining machine may use in the great inclination angle working surface.
    7、Uses the PLC control, entire Chinese liquid crystal display system; Has the simple intelligence observation system, protects, the trouble shoot to be convenient completely.

    8、The control system is complete, has manually controlled, electrically controlled, swings wireless controls many kinds of operating modes, may middle the coal mining machine or the both sides operation, but simplex operation or two person concurrent operation.

    Main parameter
    Capacity : 1800t/h
    Cutting height:   1.7~3.7 m
    Face gradient: ≤30°
    Anthrax hardness:   f≤4
    Machine height  : 1459 mm
    Ranging arm length  2211 mm
    Distance of ranging arm pivots  7100mm
    Drum diameter   φ1800 mm    φ2000 mm
    Installed power   2×300+2×50+11 = 711kW
    Cutting depth  680 mm 
    Haulage force  685~403  kN
    Haulage speed  0~7.8/13  m/min
    Associated conveyor : SGZ764/400   SGZ800/800

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