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    coal mining machine

    ZY3500 hydraulic support

  • Main feature
    1、Two column shield type hydraulic support, support to roof compatible; The top-beam was relatively short, reduces has supported the number of times repeatedly to the roof, maintained as far as possible the roof the integrity.
    2、Uses the overall top-beam, enhanced front end greatly the top-beam bearing capacity, reduces the roof to the coal wall´s pressure, prevents the cave-in of sides, the roof failure effectively.
    3、The top-beam with shields the Liang hinge place to use the round arc closing board structure, guaranteed that does not reveal in the operating altitude scope goes against.
    4、Uses the integral-type foundation, foundation behind opens wide, this form has at the same time integral-type and the fission type foundation´s overall merit, not only has the very high intensity and the rigidity, moreover to ledger wall fluctuation uneven compatible, arranges the gangue performance to be good.
    5、Uses the short throwout lever structure.

    6、Uses the great flow control system, moves to the frame to be possible fast to reduce effectively goes against the time spatially.

    Main parameter
    1、Support  Type: Shield type hydraulic support
    2、Height Range:                  900~1900mm
    3、support  Width:         1430~1600mm
    4、support  Center distance:          1500mm
    5、Support DensitY:          0.57-0.65MPa
    6、Base pressure:     1.62-2.17MPa
    7、Setting load of support:(P=31.4MPa)        2545-2187kN
    8、YieldLoad:(P=39.3MPa)      3500kN
    9、Operating mode:   Neighbour control
    10、Pumping pressure:           31.5MPa
    11、 Support weight:                8606kg

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